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Saturday Sips

In Tea, Yerba Mate by Brendan Waye2 Comments

Organic Sun Dried Yerba Mate When I received Olivia's request to do another tea segment for Global, I was clad only in undies, dangling a tuna carcass over the side of a boat off the shores of Key West.  I had managed to attract 4 to 5  large sharks who were making coy, teeth glaring attacks at my GoPro, which ...
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The liquid vegetable

In Tea, Yerba Mate by Brendan Waye1 Comment

I have to be completely honest and admit that I did not and could not drink yerba mate for the first seven years I was in the tea business.  Unlike my brother, who liked it from the very first sip, I could simply not wrap my palate around that smokey, earthy bitterness. I tried my fair share of brands, varieties, ...